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Kusho-ji Temple (Chimoriyama Kusho-ji Temple)

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Kyushoji Temple in Yamochi-cho, a mountain village in Ise, which is said to be the village of Heike, is said to have been built in XNUMX by Taira no Kiyomori's fourth son, Tomomori.According to the Taira clan story, Taira no Tomomori was defeated in the Battle of Dannoura and committed suicide, but in fact, it has been said that he had fallen into this area and wished for the revival of the Taira clan.In the precincts, a five-wheeled tower for Taira no Tomomori and his descendants is built.There is also a cave near Kusho-ji Temple where it is said that the fallen people chased by the enemy hid women and children. * The priest is not resident.

127 Iris, Yamochi-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
will get
About 20 minutes from Tamaki IC on the Ise Expressway toward Nansei on Sunny Road.

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