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Wakamatsuya Kawasaki Main Store in Ise Gamo

  • Kawasaki Area
  • Japanese cuisine
  • Souvenir

Wakamatsuya of Ise Gamo has been making genuine kneading and telling its taste at the knees of Ise Jingu since its establishment in 38.Kawasaki-cho, where the head office is located, was once called "Ise's Kitchen", and when it was founded, fresh fish caught in Ise-Shima was carried by boat and was very busy.Taking advantage of this area, the first Mino Matsuzo founded a kamaboko shop.Since then, for more than 100 years, we have continued to make kamaboko by inheriting the traditional manufacturing method that values ​​the original taste of fish without using synthetic preservatives.

516-0009-1 Kawasaki, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 9-28
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None (1/1 to 1/3)
10 general cars
Iseshi Station
Ise Nishi IC
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