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Recommended course for girls' trip (reward gourmet edition) Day 2

Time required: 1 day (2 nights and 3 days)


From Kintetsu Isuzugawa Station Car: Approximately 7 minutes

Walk from Kintetsu Isuzugawa Station: Approximately 30 minutes


Ise Shrine/Naiku (Kotaijingu)Ise Jingu / Naku Kotai Jingu

Visit the green inner shrine with a history of about 2000 years!

Kotai Jingu (Naiku), which is about 15 minutes by bus from the outer shrine, is the main place to visit Ise.The inner shrine enshrines Amaterasu Omikami, the ancestor of the imperial family.Since many people come from all over the country, it is recommended to visit early in the morning when there is less congestion.
After giving a bow at the Otorii, we immediately headed to Naiku through the wooden Uji Bridge over the Isuzu River.
The Isuzu River is also known as the Mimosogawa River because it is known for the legend that Yamatohime-no-Mikoto washed the hem, and it can purify the mind and body.
Finally, visit Goshogu, where Amaterasu Omikami is enshrined.If you are a Japanese, go to Ise Jingu, which has long been said to want to visit once.I will worship with all my heart.
Go through Kazahi no Miyabashi to Kazahi no Miyabashi.Kazahi Prayer Palace is a separate shrine that enshrines the god of the wind.It is said to have protected Japan by causing a kamikaze during the Mongol invasion of the Kamakura period.
I went to Kaguraden to get a red stamp at Naiku.You can also receive amulets.
Before returning to Ujibashi, head to Koyasu Shrine and Oyamazumi Shrine.Koyasu Shrine is known as a god who wishes for a safe delivery so that he can be blessed with children.At Ise Jingu, once every 20 years, two main shrines and 2 annexes are rebuilt, and a Shinto ritual called Shikinen Sengu is held in which God moves to a new place.This time, I was able to visit Koyasu Shrine and Oyamazumi Shrine, which had just been rebuilt according to the relocation of the shrine.
I've walked a lot and I'm hungry!Enjoy Ise gourmet at noon.

Ise Shrine/Naiku (Kotaijingu)


Isuzu River Mitarai

Isuzu River Mitarai

Kagura Hall

Kagura Hall

Walk: about 3 minutes



After walking a lot, enjoy gourmet shopping at Okage Yokocho ♪

Ise udon, a specialty of Ise, is a must-try item when you come to Ise City.Enjoy lunch at Senokuniya, a 1-minute walk from the Otorii in Naiku.
Ise udon is eaten with thick, chewy noodles and sauce.The sauce is based on tamari soy sauce and is blended with soup stock.You can enjoy the texture and style of udon noodles that you have never eaten.
Here is a recommended menu for those who want to enjoy tempura with Ise udon.The nutritious Akamoku also goes great with Ise udon!
Lunch is the XNUMXth minute of the stomach, and I will go to pray for "Michihiraki" at Sarutahiko Shrine, where many entertainers visit.

Ise udon

Ise udon

Tempura Akamoku Ise Udon

Tempura Akamoku Ise Udon

Walk: 15 minutes


Sarutahiko Shrine Sarutahiko Jinja

"Sarutahiko Shrine" visited by worshipers from all over the country

At Sarutahiko Shrine, the god of the road, "Sarutahiko Okami," who guides things in a positive direction, is enshrined.It is one of the best power spots in Ise, which is visited by many people from all over the country.
There is a stone pillar in front of the main shrine.This is the place where God originally existed and is a sacred place.The stone is engraved with the zodiac, so let's touch it while thinking of your wishes.
"Takara stone", whose shape is reminiscent of a treasure ship, is said to be particularly auspicious because it looks like a snake is on it.
In the precincts, there is also Sarume Shrine, where the god of performing arts and marriage is enshrined.If you wish to have good encounters with people and things, please visit here as well.
I want to enjoy gourmet food a little more, so I went for a walk in Okage Yokocho, Oharai Town!

Sarutahiko Shrine
Takara stone
Sarume Shrine

Walk: about 15 minutes


Ise Purin no Tetsujin (伊勢プリンの鉄人) Isepurin no Tetsujin

Stroll around Oharai Town & Okage Yokocho

Ise Pudding's Tetsujin, a popular pudding specialty store, offers "print toast" in demonstration sales.Handmade signboards and menu boards are also popular as photo spots.
Bake toast soaked in pudding liquid, put brown sugar on it, bake it with a burner, and make caramelize.The inside is mellow and the outside is crunchy.It comes with fresh cream and special soft serve ice cream.
We also recommend the smooth pudding, which gives you the ultimate smooth texture, and the nostalgic retro pudding, which has an egg flavor that fills your mouth.
I want to enjoy gourmet food a little more, so I'm still walking around Okage Yokocho, Oharai Town!

Ise Pudding Toast
Ise Pudding Toast

Ise Pudding Toast

Ise Pudding Smooth (Left) Ise Pudding Retro (Right)

Ise Pudding Smooth (Left) Ise Pudding Retro (Right)

Walk: Immediately


Whole fruit juice shopWhole Kajuten

Showa retro atmosphere whole fruit juice shop

At the whole fruit juice shop with a retro Showa atmosphere, you can enjoy fresh juice of 100% fruit juice that squeezes keen and chilled orange or grapefruit in front of you in the aquarium.
The process of pulling out the core of the fruit, mixing it from the inside, and pointing the straw to the juice as it is is exciting just by looking at the "whole fruit juice orange grapefruit"!
Since it is not exposed to the air, you can feel the sweetness of the fruit.

Whole fruit juice orange grapefruit

Whole fruit juice orange grapefruit

Walk: about 3 minutes


Dango shopDangoya

Thanks to Okage Yokocho, the only dumpling specialty store

Thanks to Okage Yokocho, the only dumpling specialty store, Dangoya.You can take it home, or you can sit on the pedestal inside the side street and eat slowly.
The dumplings baked right in front of you can feel the flavor of rice more by baking them carefully.Mitarashi dumplings, which match the sweetness and flavor of soy sauce, and black honey dumplings, which have been eaten in the Ise region for a long time, are irresistible for those who like sweets.

Black honey dumpling, raw soy sauce dumpling

Walk: Immediately


Okage Yokocho ButasuteThanks to Yokocho

A butcher shop founded in the 42nd year of the Meiji era

Croquette is popular at the butcher shop, which was founded in the 42nd year of the Meiji era.It smells good when you get out of the goodwill.Hokuhoku's minced meat croquette is so popular that you can make a line.
It is not oily and can be eaten easily.I am happy that it is reasonably priced.

Minced meat cutlet (left), croquette (right)

Minced meat cutlet (left), croquette (right)

Walk: about 5 minutes



Shopping at Oharai Town & Okage Yokocho

Shinjiya has a large selection of traditional crafts and miscellaneous goods.
Thanks to the zodiac fortune, the fortune is contained in a palm-sized zodiac figurine.It's so cute that you'll want to collect it in addition to your own zodiac signs!
Tenugui made from Ise cotton is a popular item as Japanese miscellaneous goods.Traditional towels are perfect not only as souvenirs but also as gifts for yourself.

Thanks Zodiac fortune

Thanks Zodiac fortune

Thanks Zodiac fortune
Inside the Shinjiya store

Walk: about 2 minutes



Get only one miscellaneous goods such as towels and Ise cotton gamaguchi

ichishina is also a general store that sells towels, gamaguchi made of Ise cotton, and handmade ceramics made by artists in Mie prefecture.You can choose your favorite pattern from colorful to classic patterns.Let's get an original product that you can't get the same!


Walk: about 2 minutes


Snoopy teahouseSnoopy Chaya

"Snoopy Chaya" that combines Snoopy and Japanese

"Snoopy Chaya", which combines Snoopy and Japanese, is a cafe and goods shop with 4 stores nationwide.Various products such as miscellaneous goods, towels, candy, and Ise udon are lined up in the store.
Limited items unique to the Ise store, such as miscellaneous goods designed with the pattern of Ise chrysanthemum and goods designed with Snoopy and Ise's specialties, are preeminently cute!
After taking a walk to your heart's content, move to the area around the outer shrine and enjoy a special dinner.

Snoopy teahouse
Snoopy teahouse
Snoopy teahouse

Car: 15 minutes


Bon vivantBon ゔ ゔ

Luxury dinner at the French restaurant Bon Vivant, which is particular about the ingredients of local production for local consumption

Bon Vivant, which has an elegant atmosphere, is a brick building that was renovated from the building of the 12th year of the Taisho era.The course menu using spiny lobster and Matsusaka beef is recommended.Every dish is made from locally produced and locally consumed ingredients.
The appetizer for this course is a platter of Ise-Shima's products.It is a beautiful appetizer such as Ise tuna tartar sauce, smoked yellowtail, and roasted sea bream.
Matsusaka beef Ichibo meat steak with potato gratin.Among the Matsusaka beef, the healthy Nachibo meat has a special taste that has been carefully selected.
As for dessert, various desserts such as angel chocolate tart, Mont Blanc, Earl Gray ice cream, and classic chocolate are added little by little.You can enjoy the sweetness full of happiness after eating.
The course meal menu and dessert will vary depending on the season and the ingredients of the day, so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of menu it is.
It is a complete reservation system, so don't forget to make a reservation in advance!
I enjoyed the area around Naiku for a whole day, and today I had many new discoveries and encounters.
On the third day of the final day, we will visit the spots that could not be reached in two days.



Matsusaka beef steak

Matsusaka beef steak



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