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When you exit the ticket gate on the JR side of Iseshi Station, you will see a large wooden torii gate.The road from there to the Ise Jingu Geku is the "Geku approach".It is about 400m from Iseshi station to Geku, about XNUMX minutes on foot.Ryokan, restaurants, and souvenir shops line the approach to the outer shrine.At night, the lanterns of Ise Washi will light up.

Sotomiya approach map

Map of the approach to the outer shrine

Map around the approach to the outer shrine that continues from Iseshi Station to Ise Jingu and Geku (created in June 2022)

How to enjoy the approach to the outer shrine

It is also recommended to dine at Ise udon, a specialty of Ise, seafood and Matsusaka beef shops, or spend a relaxing time at a popular cafe.Be sure to try the famous mochi that Ise citizens love!Check out Kikuichi Ise, a knife shop where you can fortune-tell myths.

Map data (PDF 2.4MB)

Useful information on the approach to the outer shrine

I want to check my baggage

There are luggage storage facilities and coin lockers in front of Ise City Station.There is also a service where you can leave your luggage for a fee at the Geku-mae Tourist Service Center and some stores on the Geku-sando route.

I want to send my baggage to my accommodation

At the baggage storage at Iseshi StationDelivery reception times If you leave it by, we will deliver your baggage to your accommodation (excluding remote islands) in the Ise, Toba, and Shima areas on the same day.
Please check the details for prices and other information. 
[Click here for details on baggage storage and delivery services]

Recommended cafes around the outer shrine and Ise specialty rice cakes

Information on new stores on the approach to Sotomiya, etc.

・ The Akafuku Geku Mae special store also sells coffee from Isuzugawa Cafe. (Akafuku and coffee are fine)

Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 516-0074
Public transportation: Immediately after getting off the JR ticket gate from JR / Kintetsu Iseshi Station
Car: Approximately 5 minutes from the Ise Nishi IC on the Ise Expressway

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