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  • Kuratayama area
  • Temple/Shrine

It is a Shugendo temple of the Shingon sect that is said to have been founded by Gyoki in the 13th year of Tenpyo (741) as a prayer place for the guardian state by Emperor Shomu.Shugendo is a religion based on magical activities, where you can acquire supernatural powers through mountain training through nature worship.Saito Daigoma, which is held on July 7th every year, is a festival in which disasters are burned down by fire and people ascend and fulfill the wishes written on their bills.Locally, it is known as "Mr. Goma".We continue prayer, I Ching, family minister, naming, etc. as they are, and the number of people who come to pray is constant.

*On July 3, XNUMX, the Goma ceremony will be held seven times as usual.The stall is scheduled to open from noon.

516-0036-2 Okamoto, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 10-80

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